Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Style and Theme Inspiration

There are two ways to throw a baby shower and it might be hard to decide which way to go with this one!

The Traditional Brunch

Lots of cutsie touches and details, very 'baby' oriented with little blocks, plaids, pink and blue, and diaper cakes.  Two hours of baby overload decorated with crepe paper and rubber duckies!

The Uber-Chic Evening Hor-Devours & Petit-Fours Shower:

An appetizer and drinks party in the evening with super chic 'momma' oriented touches.  A little glam, a little sweet, and tons of elegant details.  

I have to be completely honest and admit that for this Momma, and considering the friend who is planning this with me, that the Chic-Momma shower would be a huge hit.  I love the idea of doing it outdoors in the evening with tons of these Chinese lanterns and Christmas lights strung up overhead.

We would put out a buffet table stuffed to the brim with adorable Petit Fours from Mulberries in Denver, and serve champagne mimosas and virgin martinis.

Will update soon!

A Photo Story Book

Last night I was having trouble sleeping, and in my mind imagined what her baby shower might be like.

I've got a ton of ideas in my head, but one that came to me was the idea of writing a book for her child that is the story of her and her husband.

We used www.blurb.com to make photo album books of our wedding photos for our parents: I was super impressed with the quality and their endless options for customization.  It would be an easy and fun project to write a cute children's book about how mommy and daddy came together, including photos of them from their single life, courtship, and wedding.

We would, of course, make Momma practice reading out loud at her baby shower!

About our Momma!

The woman I am planning this baby shower for is one of my best friends: a gal I met in college and made an instant connection with.  We have been room mates, co-workers, partners in crime, and in each others weddings.

After a year of trying with her husband of five years, she was blessed with a 'sticky baby'.  Today she is just over 14 weeks pregnant, and a mutual friend of ours and I are planning her baby shower for sometime in late May or early June.

The blessed little one is due on July 4th, 2010!